Rainy Day Blues by Berni Ayreart

ARTIST NOTES: A fun piece just for LINDEN POSTCARD SHOW...after watching my frustrated cat inside after four days of rain.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 25.50 cm X Width - 20.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Canvas
REGISTERED NRN # 000-1411-0207-01
COPYRIGHT © Berni Ayreart
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Artist: Berni Ayreart



Painter, Printmaker, Photographer and Artist bookmaker.  b.1961 -

Berni has had an accomplished career in the Graphic arts industry, photography and photo journalism. Her passion for drawing started at age four with her first set of coloured pencils sitting in a paddock in rural N.S.W. sketching sheep. Berni is a self taught artist with early informal and inspiring guidance from friend artists she encountered during her childhood while at boarding school in Sydney: George Balyck and James R Jackson. 

Strong rural themes and rustic imagery often form part of her landscapes offering unusual perspectives. Berni's works often draw on her respect for her indigenous heritage and her personnal lifetime affinity with Australian fauna and flora. Throughout her life to the present, not a day will pass where Berni will reach for a paint brush or a camera to record a glimpse of nature offering a new version of its self.

Berni's paintings have been variously described as romantic, eerie and alluring, offering vibrant colour, unusual textures and suggestive intermit detail. Her works have been broadly collected privately, and appear in galleries, institutions and museums across Australia, as well as instiutions and private collections overseas.

'My passion is to record the world around me. I am continually inspired by the uniqueness of the Australian landscape. While my city and suburban scapes romantically reflect on society's attempt to absorb the many cultural influences presented to it, my rural landscapes by comparrison often provoke a more emotional response and technically challenge me to transcribe the scene before me with a knowlegeable respect for and a raw truthfullness in my presentation of the Australian landscape.'

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