Quiet by Ren Gregoric

ARTIST NOTES: Quiet is the left panel of a group of three drawings, together titled Tiho (Slovenian, meaning: quiet, silent). The drawing depicts a hybrid man/kurent (a Slovenian folk character) in an abstracted landscape with mountains in the background. Usually, Kurent (symbols of boisterousness and hedonism) have cowbells that are used at the end of winter to chase away the winter spirit and usher in spring. The Kurent in this image is standing still without any cowbells. The figure is located on the grounds of Bonegilla Migrant Camp. Bonegilla was a migrant processing centre in northern Victoria that operated between 1947 and 1971. It was here that new migrants (including the artist’s paternal family) and refugees from non-English speaking European countries lived while applications for residency were processed.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 25.50 cm X Width - 20.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Pencil on Paper
GENRE Humanity
REGISTERED NRN # 000-37787-0137-01
COPYRIGHT © Ren Gregoric
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Artist: Ren Gregoric


Ren Gregorcic's practice explores the interactions of cultural, multi-cultural, sexual, internal and external identity as a gay Australian of Slovenian heritage. Ren's work is strongly informed by the migration experience of his family from Slovenia to Australia via Egypt on the boat Toscana in the 1950s; his family's experiences at the Bonegilla Migrant Reception and Training Centre in Wodonga, Victoria and ultimate settlement in suburban Melbourne; the translation of his family's cultural heritage from Slovenia to suburban Melbourne; the influence of these histories on the formation of his individual identity; 

Ren is also a qualified objects conservator with a Masters in Cultural Materials Conservation and a focus on preventive conservation, collection risk management, and environmental sustainability in museums and galleries. Ren applies his training as a conservator to his art practice, resulting in the production of work that is resistant to key agents of deterioration such as light. Ren also avoids the use of materials with inherent vices such as PVC, acidic papers, unstable resins and adhesives and low quality pigments and binders.

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